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Donizetti was born into poverty in Bergamo Italy, He was spotted as a choral talent and 

received a fine musical education. After writing sacred music he concentrated on Opera.

He worked constantly and left a legacy of 70 works many of which play in Opera Houses today.

The play "The Maestro "with live excerpts from his most popular works had been developed in conjunction with 

Michael Wells and will perform in three venues at the Brighton Festival in May 2022.

A summer tour is also planned.


On a scriptwriting study programme, Duncan met Liam Badger a Film producer. They pooled their resources and launched Magichour Media, which with its syndicate of investors, produced “Ashes and Sand“ with Nick Moran and “A Good Woman” with Scarlett Johannsen and Helen Hunt. They both did well at the Film box office in the UK, US, Europe and the Far East.



Duncan was commissioned by documentary filmmaker and international photographer Mark Nelson to get involved in writing and producing a trilogy of "Travelogues of River Journeys" films:  The Seine, The Nile and The Thames. These were sold to an International Film and TV network.



After 7 years, Duncan left Magichour Media in safe hands and founded Magichour Theatre to produce and put on his own plays. “Whatever Happened to Lyn Roe“ was the first. A bio of the life, times and mystery of Marilyn Monroe. Produced for the Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals it gained great critical acclaim and good box offices.

This led to writing “Lady Montagu” and ”Helens Shadow”. All Feminist pioneers and Independent women. This ”Iconic Trilogy” has been performed at a number of theatre festivals and toured theatres in the South East of England. Lady Montagu is scheduled to play in Canada in 2020 and
“The Chattri“ about  Indian soldiers in the First World war is in development.

Lyn Roe was adapted to ”Marilyn the Musical” for the Brighton Festival and a later adaptation with Tom Conte went to RADA in London.



It was poetry writing in the 6os when a student which gave Duncan his first published poems in Breakthrough. This iconic sixties poetry magazine led to one of his poems an anti-drugs poem entitled” Smoke More Pot” being chosen to appear in a Corgi anthology.
Three children’s books, followed “Tales of the Bos, The Knights of Stanmere and Gobbo.”

A book of short stories “Stopover Stories” based on true stories gleaned on his  International travels was published by the Book Guild.

“HERONLAND” his latest a fable about an imaginary world of intrigue and conflict has just come out on Amazon Books.



Duncan has written for a number of newspapers and journals. The subjects vary from aspects of English culture when he lived for three years in Amsterdam for Dutch magazines, to historical articles on Anglo Saxon and Celtic culture as a history buff. Having also lived in France and Italy, his wife is from Bergamo in Northern Italy, he has contributed to a number of ex- pat online blogs. As a leader of walks for the South Downs Society, Duncan has contributed a number of nature articles to their newsletters over the years.




Duncan Hopper is a Londoner who has lived in Brighton for over 30 years. A Film Financier and Producer for MagicHour Media he is also author of “Stopover Stories”, has written for trade magazines and national newspapers such as The Independent and is a credited screenwriter for two documentaries. Read more...

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